Saskia Dapprich 500 RYT

I grew up in Essen and worked for several years in a psychiatric outpatient clinic after completing my studies in social pedagogy. At an early age, I was interested in yoga, meditation and Indian culture, which motivated me in 2003 to immigrate to India with my husband and two daughters to work there. I became a yoga teacher and completed an apprenticeship as an Ayurveda Yoga masseuse. In India, I taught adults and at various schools children in yoga. Since 2014 I live in Berlin and have since completed various complementary trainings, such as: Yin Yoga with Dirk Bennewitz and Andrea Kubasch, Adjustment with Moritz Ulrich etc.
In 2019 I received the Svastha Yoga Therapy Training in Berlin from the orthopedist Dr. med. Günther Niessen and the psychiatrist and Ayurveda doctor Ganesh Mohan. finished. Yoga with a therapeutic orientation is very important to me, both in group lessons and in individual treatment. At various yoga schools and companies, I teach yoga therapy, as well as vinyassa, hatha, yin and back yoga.